Hospitality and social

Being social together is also an important part our ‘coming together to share life’, and there are many chances through the week to get to know one another. A time to love, laugh and live together; a chance to talk, have fun and for those all important conversations and games of cards that build the relationships which are the cornerstone of our community. Modelled on the disciples we gather together often during the week, often eating together. In fact the week begins with a social gathering where everyone registers and signs up to the all important jobs rotas!!! During the gathering there is a community shared table, barbeque, and regular evenings spent chatting over a glass of wine.

We have a community tent on the field where people gather in quiet moments for a cup of tea. It is also a hub for people staying in residential accommodation, somewhere they can cook and socialize with the rest of the community during the spaces in the timetable. Afternoon tea is served daily at around 3:30, sometimes with scones and cream.

Another social focal point is the Cademon evening where we all get to showcase our talents to the community. Everyone is encouraged to take part, age is no barrier, people in groups or individual talents, there is room for everyone to share and be affirmed by the community. There is also an open mike night which offers a similar opportunity, though more focused on music and poetry.