Prayer and Worship

Prayer and worship are the life blood of our community. At the gathering we come together several times a day to pray and worship together. The day starts and ends with prayer and praise and there is also an opportunity to say morning prayer of the church or pray the rosary. Mass is said daily. Also during the week there is an opportunity for reconciliation and a healing service takes place, usually on a Thursday evening and usually run by the youth.

A prayer room is available all week, throughout the day and night, to provide a quiet restful place for private prayer and often exposition of the blessed sacrament. Individual prayer ministry is also available as well as sharing groups and the chance to take part in an Emmaus walk with another member of the community.

A little of Joy'shandywork in the prayer room
A little of Joy’shandywork

The worship team is made up of members of the community and everyone is welcome to join and be a part of it. A rota goes up at the beginning of the week and if you play an instrument or sing you simply add your name as many times as you wish. We are very blessed with many talented people so the rota keeps a good balance of styles of music, as well as preventing the load falling onto a small number of people. The rota is also important to allow new talent to shine. Often the youth and children will join in, really anyone who feels they have talent to share.