October 10, 2017

Prayer through the Year

Although the main focus of ARC is the week that we gather together, many of us establish relationships with other families that continue through the year. Sometimes there is a weekend organised where we have the chance to get together again.

Always available is the ARC Facebook page. This is a closed group where we can all keep in touch with one another. It is often used for prayer requests so we can give each other support through the year, even though we might not see one another. If there are any prayer requests that are more private but you would still like the support of the community, please contact the team using the details on the contact page and they will ensure that you needs are prayed for.

Wednesday is the day we pray for and remember one another, and the team have their mobile phone alarms set for 9:55 each evening. When the alarm goes off, we stop and pray for one another and for our community. It is a very simple thing, that takes no time and keeps us all connected, even though we are all busy and life does not allow us to meet up as often as we would like!