Service and volunteering

In serving one another, we come closer together. In using our gifts and talents to benefit everyone we gain confidence, develop spiritually  and begin to journey with people in a deeper way.

God has given us all gifts and talents and they are given for the building of God’s kingdom. We try to embody this in giving service to one another. The week begins with a cheese and wine evening where we all register for the gathering, catch up with one another and welcome people who may not have been before.

We also sign the jobs rotas

All the tasks that must be done in the week to make the gathering happen are divided between members of the community. There are rotas for serving tea and coffee, music, reading at Mass, Eucharistic ministry, prayer ministry, leading a sharing group, cleaning and clearing, extra helpers for the children’s groups, litter picking…

There is also plenty to volunteer for in the year in between gatherings. Running children’s groups, workshops, printing hymn books, updating the website and praying for one another…the list is extensive