Young People

The children and youth are vital members of the community and as such are offered both their own program in the mornings and the opportunity to take part in the community as a whole the rest of the time.

During our gathering the days follow a pattern. After prayer and praise in the morning the adults have the chance to listen to the talks and take part in sharing groups while the children separate into groups based on their age. Mid morning we all come together to share a cup of tea and a biscuit and then the young people return to their streams until lunch time.

After lunch there is the opportunity to  join in with various activities which change from year to year. In the past they have included egg throwing competitions, high ropes courses, swimming, t-shirt painting, games of football and rugby (not for the faint- hearted !!!). It is very important to us that the young people are not separated off on their own for most of the time and so outside the morning session the activities are for all the community no matter what their age.

The streams are run by members of the community who commit to running the group for the full week. This is an important part of our ethos. We believe that God gives a community everything it needs to operate – all the gifts, talents, skills and people necessary to run the community. The children’s group leaders are an important point of contact between the generations and this has proved vital in the past. The stream leaders have a full DBS check as do all the members of the team.